About Property ID Tags

How they work


You buy one (or several) of our tags. Each tag has a unique, 12 character ID code engraved on it and instructions to the finder. When you set up your profile, you determine which (if any) of your name, telephone number, email address, or postal address you wish to disclose to finders. A notes section is also provided, which is always displayed to the finder.


The finder follows the instructions on the tag to visit this site and click on the 'Found Property' button. They enter the ID code and are presented with the information you have chosen to disclose.

Your notes to the finder and a message box are displayed, so even if you choose to display none of your contact details, we can forward the message on to you by email. Your notes to the finder can be used to indicate, for example, that you are currently away on holiday or business, and give contact details for where you are temporarily based.


Our tags are small enough (50mm x 29mm) to fit on a normal key ring. If used on luggage, they will not tear or smudge like standard luggage labels. Tags are sold with a split ring.

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