Property ID Tags - Engraved tags for luggage, keys, and possessions

Property ID Tags produce engraved, military dog tag style property identification tags, which can be used on luggage, keys and keyrings, camera cases, flight cases, and any other items of property onto which a tag can be fastened.

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Our property tags have a unique code engraved onto them which allows us to match them up to our registered customers, without any personal details being displayed directly on the tag.

In the unfortunate event of your item's loss, the finder can enter your unique ID from this site and can view whatever details you choose to disclose, such as your name and phone number.

Alternatively, or additionally, the finder can send you a message using our site's message relay service, which allows them to contact you without seeing any of your details.

Because only your unique code is displayed, you can change your details from the website whenever they change. You can also leave notes to indicate, for example, alternate contact information if you are on holiday or away on business.

Your first year's subscription to the recovery service is included in your initial tag purchase and is only £6 for each subsequent year following your first purchase, regardless of the number of tags you have.

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Property ID Tags from £12

Property Tag - £12

One engraved aluminium tag, split ring, and one year's subscription to our service.

Illustrated price includes postage and packing within the United Kingdom.

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